Tuesday, 26 October 2010


I don't know where to start this blog, so we shall begin with the fairly odd fact that I've just had an episode of Charmed foisted upon me by my girlfriend, which inexplicably contains Uncle Phil from the Fresh Prince in it. Not the character Uncle Phil, that way madness lies, but the actor behind the legend. I think his appearance is a lesson in desperation and humility which we can all learn from.

And oh so much learning has been done since I returned from the dreaming towers and churning stomachs of Edinburgh. Really Lovely has returned, to increasing modicums of success, I've been hitting the stage again, to increasing modicums of success and modicum has become my new favourite word to use in this sentence. Modicum.

And so for want of anything better to put in a blog which is currently suffering a personality crisis at it genesis, being somewhere between mind-splurge, guilt-ridden accelerator pad and not really up-to-date gig report, here is my 7 weeks since Edinburgh in three word gig reports:

Really Lovely Comedy Tea Party: Comic's Summer Holiday
BBC Writers Bar: Surprisingly Low Brow
Milton Keynes: Drunken Rabble Rousing
St. Barts Uni: Emergency Trachaeoctomy Club
Laughtershock: Ideas Above Station
LSE: Fun-Filled Friends (and Breaking Up Relationship:)
Scram: Up and Coming
LLAugh: Bloody Good Opener
Set-Up, Punchline: Try Following Burtscher
Tumbleweed: Angry Birds Song
Harlequins: Where Is Pat?
Really Lovely Comedy Tea Party: Miles Loves Us!
Really Lovely Comedy: Dan Antapolski's Futureproof
Soho Comedy Club: Very Angry German
Charing Cross Comedy: Very Humbling Experience
Yeovil FC: Power of Henge!

And that's me up to know. A variety of creative tubes feel like that was a useful enema for them.

And I shall leave on the cliffhanger that by current calculations, I have approximately 900 days until I'm 30... All the excitement and trepidation of that fact is to be explored more in a couple of days...