Thursday, 30 July 2015

Ha-Ha-Hadrian's Wall

Over the past year myself and my mate Gareth Swann have been working on a project that is finally going to start coming to fruition at the start of September.  Whilst many comics will be marking the unofficial start on the new comedy year with either a holiday, a post-Edinburgh breakdown or a garlanded tour of their awards-nominated show, we'll be heading to a gig almost 2,000 years in the making. This is because on September 5th I'll be hosting a gig on Hadrian's Wall.

There's a been quite a fashion over the past few years for comedy shows in unusual places and myself and Gareth have felt that our country's historical heritage sites have been an untapped resource.  There are so many brilliant stories, nuggets of trivia and examples of stupendous human folly and stupidity that really ought to be taken advantage of and those wonderful goons at English Heritage are letting us loose on Chester's Roman Fort near Hexham to launch our show.

I'll be hosting a bill made up of three tremendous comics - Tony Law, Gordon Southern and The Storybeast - and the temptation to begin the evening with the following words might be almost too large:

"My name is Benjaminus Minimus Vanderveldus. Commander of the jesters of the North. General of the Humerous Legions.  Loyal servant to the true Emperor, Eddius Izzardium. Father to some murdered jokes, husband to a patient wife - and I will have my laughter, at this gig or the next."

I'm so excited about the possibilities of these gigs - with as much material as possible inspired by the venues we perform at and the history surrounding them. If you live nearby or know anyone up in the north-east who fancies a bit of classical jesting that's better than anything Terence and Plautus (the Roman 'Morecambe & Wise' in case you're wondering) could come up with, then please take a punt on a fun new show with some top notch, award-winning comics and join us.

Tickets are £15 and available right here, right now from those excellent purveyors at English Heritage:

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